Details of staking program for GREEN holders

In gratitude to all our holders, who support us in the project development process, from the GreenAir team, and at the request of our holders, we have decided to launch our first staking program.

For those unfamiliar with the term “staking”, Crypto staking is similar to depositing money in a bank, in that an investor locks up their assets, and in exchange, earns rewards, or “interest.” In this case, GREEN owners will be able to obtain benefits for depositing these tokens in the staking program.

Our team has carried out a study on the APY, duration, blocking, and other data on the staking in order to offer our investors the best conditions, without negatively affecting the price or unbalancing the economy of the project.

Therefore, after a long study, we can finally announce the conditions of our staking.

Duration of the Staking Program

Although at first it was advised that the duration of the staking would be one month, the team has determined that it can be extended up to one year, in order to give greater price stability in the medium term, and not worry about your tokens until the first prototype is launched.

But this does not mean that the tokens have to be blocked for a year, quite the contrary. Although at first it was advised that the duration would be one month, and during that whole month the tokens will be blocked, finally there will be no type of blocking, but there will be certain conditions.

Program conditions

Although we have finally chosen not to block the tokens in staking, we have created conditions for it, and that is that, in case of keeping the tokens for less than a month, a penalty will be received, for which you will receive a lower reward of staking.

From then on, you can have your tokens in staking as long as you want, and you will receive the proportional part of the APY based on the time that you have had your tokens in staking.

The staking system will be available on our website at section.

And now the million dollar question … And the APY?

The APY of the GREEN token staking will be 24%, this is the maximum percentage that our balance team has determined to be suitable as a reward, offering our members who believe in the project in the medium / long term a great reward, and achieving that the price of the same is not devalued.

Buy $GREEN now to staking.



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